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Directory of all known Old Lawrentians : surnames beginning U

C Uden Year left: 1974 View Profile

AA Udofia View Profile

OS Udofia Year left: 2012 View Profile

J Uetsuji Year left: 1993 View Profile

CB Unachukwu Year left: 1985 View Profile

P Unachukwu Year left: 1988 View Profile

AC Underhill Year left: 2010 View Profile

RJ Underhill Year left: 2012 View Profile

AL Underwood Year left: 1913 View Profile

JD Underwood Year left: 1947 View Profile

JE Underwood Year left: 1959 View Profile

JJL Underwood Year left: 1927 View Profile

JM Underwood Year left: 1911 View Profile

KN Underwood Year left: 1957 View Profile

BK Ung Year left: 1968 View Profile

PW Unwin Year left: 1888 View Profile

AA Upton Year left: 1929 View Profile

AR Upton View Profile

GF Upton Year left: 1934 View Profile

GJ Upton Year left: 1962 View Profile

EAB Urmston Year left: 1910 View Profile

DC Urry Year left: 1922 View Profile

CPJ Usher Year left: 1988 View Profile

JFJ Usher Year left: 1989 View Profile

HV Usill View Profile

A Uttam Year left: 1974 View Profile

RM Uttam Year left: 1974 View Profile

RM Uttam Year left: 1961 View Profile

A Uttamchandani Year left: 1974 View Profile

JCT Uttley View Profile

M Uwom Year left: 1984 View Profile

AO Uzor Year left: 1987 View Profile

R Uzor Year left: 1987   (peer group year: 1996) View Profile

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Old Lawrentian Survey

Hopefully this year's OL News has started to arrive and you will notice that with it there is a short survey for completion please. We have added the survey here(click more to view survey link)for your ease and would be most grateful if you would take just 2 minutes to complete it so that we can be sure to know what Old Lawrentians want from their Society.Thank you ...

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Latest Events

November 2016 to early 2017

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London Drinks 2017

We are delighted to be hosting afterwork drinks at the spectacular German Gymnasium at St Pancras from 6.30pm (to 9.30pm) It's proved an incredibly popular event so far and space is limited so you will need to sign up to ensure you get in!

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New York December 2016

The second Festive Gathering for OLs in New York will happen on 17th December 2016 at 11 Howard, Soho, Manhattan.....

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Old Lawrentian News 2015-2016

The E version of the magazine we produce every February and post to OLs worldwide

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