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Over the years since the College was founded in 1879, there has been a system of Houses – some boarding only, some only for day boys. As the College has expanded and contracted and as the balance of day and boarding pupils has changed over the years, so have the Houses and their names. There have been amalgamations, house names have disappeared and re-appeared – some named in honour of benefactors, some in honour of a significant contribution to the life of the School.  Please read on to learn more about the history of the houses!


The St Lawrence College housing system has seen many changes since its inception in 1893 when just two main divisions named Red and Blue Company were introduced.

These had sub-divisions of dark red, light red, dark blue and light blue. In 1929, they became known as houses, changed names, and a day house was also created, namely, Newlands. Dark Red became Tower, Light Red: Grange, Dark Blue: Lodge and Light Blue: Manor. 

In 1939, the school’s evacuation to Seaford and later Courteenhall, caused the closure of the day house and the four boarding houses to merge into two (Tower with Grange, and Lodge with Manor). The college returned to Ramsgate and in Lent 1946, and also returned the four boarding houses back to their rightful states. In addition, a fifth boarding house was created: Courtenay.  Newlands was reinstated as a day house in 1947, and a second day house would later be created in 1972, named Deacon.
Currently there are three senior boarding Houses (Lodge & Tower for boys and Bellerby for girls) and two senior day Houses (Laing for girls and Newlands for boys). In addition there is the Middle School called Kirby, which is a mixture of day and boarding for both boys and girls. Kirby is sub divided into two sub houses, Cameron and Courtenay.

This section has been established to recognise the fact that there are still groups of OLs who meet and correspond because they they grew up in and were part of the life of a specific House, and always will be. OLs are welcome to submit items of news and anecdotes for these sections. If you would like to edit one of these House sections (or add a new one) please let us know via the Contact page.

To reach the pages for individual houses, use the navigation bar on the left hand side of this page.


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